About Bayamax

Biamax from the efforts of Iranian youth

Relying on more than 20 years of experience of the founders of Terna System in the field of business technologies has been born.
For many years, the goal of the Transnist system was to produce products that can be proudly described as quality Iranian products.
Therefore, the research and development team of Tranasistem, by examining more than 50 large manufacturers in the world and with the efforts of its experienced experts,

The launch of production lines at the Biamax plant located in the Special Economic Zone sent a message
Which is currently producing products that are not only competitive with reputable foreign brands in terms of quality, design and longevity,

Relying on past experiences, it has also achieved significant technical improvements compared to foreign products.

The main mission of Biamax

Production of innovative products, with quality and variety, in accordance with international standards and with the aim of meeting domestic needs and gaining a share of international markets.


Bayamax Product Family

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After 20 years of experience in the information technology industry and relying on our research and development capabilities, we have created a brand whose innovation, quality and continuous improvement in the product and commitment to service are its internal structures, we always strive for products beyond We expect to offer our customers and we believe that with the efforts of our hard-working team and the constant support of our customers, distribution network and business partners, we can create significant achievements in the field of increasing business productivity.


Chairman of the Board

Biamax is born of perfectionism, attention to detail and hard work. We have replaced being a leader with being a follower, and we think every day about how we can get better; So, with all our might, we are on the path to prosperity, and in this path, we welcome any sympathetic criticism and suggestions, and we are eagerly looking to establish and develop long-term, win-win trade relations.

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